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Subject: Brother's Graduation 5 Brad watched the muscular Jake lower himself to the floor on all four.
"It only hurts for minute then it feels fucking great."
Jake nodded.
"Let's push this couch out of the way," Brad took hold of the couch along
with Jake and began to push. Their straining muscles flexing.
Doug never let up driving his cock deeper into his big brother's ass.
Mark continued to lube his cock shaft with his right hand while he
fingered his brother's ass with three fingers from his left hand.
"Fuck, that feels good," said Jake looking over his shoulder at Mark.
When the couch was sex preteens incest slid out of the way and both older brothers were on
all fours, Brad began to move so that he would face the brother team of Jake
and Mark. He moaned in complete and utter ecstasy as his younger brother
continued to fuck his tight hole. He looked up and watched as Mark prepared
himself to violate his brother's ass.
Mark pressed the mushroom head of his cock against Jake's asshole and
increased the pressure quickly until his rod buried itself inside his big
"Holy shit!" Jake writhed at the shock of pain that Mark preteenpics
created in his
ass. "Fuck, that hurts."
"It only hurts for a minute," Brad said trying to console Jake, "You'll
get used to it and then it's nothing but pleasure."
Jake winced and nodded.
"This free clip preteen is so fucking hot," Doug said as he looked across Brad and Jake at
Mark. "Man, I never thought sex preteens incest
anything could feel or look so good in my life."
Mark smiled as he began to fuck his big brother's ass. "How's it feel
now Jake?"
"Not too bad," he said as he smiled at Brad, "In fact it feels pretty
"Told you," Brad said as he continued to moan. Brad watched Jake begin
to get into the moment, "Now this is what I call a work out."
Jake raised his head, "Sure is." Jake laughed as the sweat began to roll
from his forehead and down his face. "Won't find this routine in any gym
The four guys began to laugh.
Doug's legs began to weaken as he started to breathe heavier and pump
"Come on Doug, give it to me, fuck me harder. Cum up my ass. Give your
big brother all you got." Brad flexed his ass muscles to grip his little
brother's cock tighter.
Jake couldn't take his eyes off of the two brothers. He watched Doug
pump load after load of his hot juice into Brad's ass as Brad continued to
tell his little brother to 'fuck him harder.'
When Doug had spent his seed inside Brad he pulled his cock out and
dropped to the floor pulling Brad close and shoving his tongue into his
"Man, the two of you really get into this shit," said Jake who's own cock
was straining beyond it's skin. He looked over his shoulder at Mark, "You do
that shit?"
Mark nodded, his eyes rolling in his nude ilegal preteens head.
"You're going to love it Jake," said Brad as he rose to his feet.
"Well, I'm not minding it now," he said with a smile.
"You ever eat your own cum?"
Jake nodded, "Yeah, I've tried it."
"Tastes better when it's someone else's," Brad stood in front of Jake and
fed him his cock. He began to pump his face furiously.
Jake choked and gagged at first but preteens pics preteen got used to the feeling of the stiff
six-inch meat in his mouth. He began to enjoy the feeling of being fucked
from front and back.
Doug slid underneath Jake and began to suck on his five-inch rod. His
hand cupping and rubbing his best friends older brothers balls.
Jake was feeling better than he ever had. underground preteen free
This sex was better than any
woman he had ever had and he had had quite a few. He could only make
internal moans that proved his pleasure.
Mark yelled out, "Oh fuck!" He slammed his stiff five and half incher
harder and harder into his big brother's ass.
Brad pussy pics preteen
knew that Mark was getting ready to lose his load inside his Jake.
The sight of the tight little runner ramming his muscle bound brothers hole
was more than he could take. He pounded his cock harder into Jake's mouth
until he moaned loudly. His cock spasmed six or seven times depositing preteen girls tgp his
creamy white load in Jake's mouth.
Jake swallowed without a struggle, enjoying the warm salty taste that
spewed from the chiseled Brad's cock.
Mark yelled out again when he began to drop his spunk deep inside his big
brother's ass. When he had spent himself he fell on top of Jake's back, his
sweaty nut sack clinging to his big brother's skin.
Jake sucked every bit of cum from Brad's cock as it was pulled from his
mouth. Then suddenly he began to shudder and thump his meat into Doug's
mouth who was under him. "Oh shit, oh shit." Jake continued to quiver as
his cock dropped a heavy load into Doug's waiting mouth. His pumping motion
slowed to a stop and he looked up at Brad. "Man, I need more of this shit.
This is some great fucking sex."
Mark slid his softening meat from his big brother's ass and knelt down by
him. He stared into Jake's eyes, "You liked having me fuck your ass, didn't
Jake lunged in and shoved his tongue into his little brother's mouth.
When he stopped kissing Mark he stood up and surveyed the three other guys.
Their bodies were all so hot and each so different. He liked what he saw.
He wanted more of these three. He wondered if what he had done made him a
fag. "Does this mean I'm queer?"
Brad ran his hand over Jake's chest, "No, it just means you know what you
Doug wrapped his arms around Brad as Mark fell into Jake and was held
inside his huge arms.
Jake smiled, "Then, I'd just like to say that I'd like more of this."I just couldn't let anyone hang from part 4 so I wrote this. But this will
be the last unless there is a demand for more. Thanks for reading. Email me
at: preteens pothos

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